Hosted Predictive Dialer

The hosted predictive dialer is aimed at businesses that need telemarketing and customer relationship or survey services. Dialers are traditionally very expensive with large hardware costs and maintenance overheads and are limited to local telephone network providers. Our hosted predictive dialer solution provides complete scalability for any business requiring Telemarketing, Sales Center services or Call Center Operations. Boost your productivity without annual license fees and complications. Plug in and start profiting.

Our dialer is suitable for any enviroment. Used by small, medium and corporations as well as by homeworkers and freelancers. Integrated CRM Screens for each Agent even from remote locations.

It tracks all telemarketing agents by predicting the frequency of calls for each Agent thereby providing management with Statistical information on the effectiveness of a campaign. These campaigns can even be blended with outbound calling at the same time supporting inbound calls.

Increasing Agent performance by a factor 400% minimum. Some of our clients report 10 fold increased productivity.

It’s a completely managed solution. No need for in-house knowledge and resources. No hardware, no license fees. Just plug in see the results.