Click-to-Call Solution

Improve Your Customer Engagement and Satisfaction

In the past ten years the Internet has grown to become a pervasive and significant medium in consumers’ lives. This presents a problem for businesses as they strive to adapt in order to meet the increasing service expectations of their customers. Not long ago it was standard practice to conduct all business either in person or over the phone – today the Internet has changed the face of business.

Your customers expect your business to respond via their communication channel of choice. Never has there been such an acute need to offer and integrate call center solutions to satisfy online buyers and minimize website abandonment.

Click to Call Enhances an Organization’s Ability to Sell and Serve

The Internet is the most innovative and most competitive business channel available. Getting traffic to your website is becoming more difficult as more and more people are competing for that potential buyer. Getting people to your website can involve a huge investment and losing those visitors can happen very quickly. What Click-to-Call gives you is an easy way to engage the people that are already interested, increasing your customer acquisition in an easy and non-intrusive way.

Google says 70% of mobile searchers have used click to call to connect with a business.

Forrester Research identified click to call technology as one of the
Twelve Technologies That Will Transform Online Retail

It is getting more and more difficult to get targeted traffic to your website. You would want to lose those that come to your website, would you?

  • Easy to implement
  • No queues, no waiting, higher customer satisfaction
  • No cost to your customer
  • Speak to your potential clients while they are interested
  • Answer the questions & close more sales
  • Leverage existing telephony infrastructure
  • Pay only for what you use
  • Starting from the incredible cost of 0.01 Euro per minute
  • Enhance your call center and engage your customers

Satisfy the need for more information in the best possible way – through real human interaction. At no cost for your future clients.

Our clients are reporting an average increase of 150% in their conversions rates and marketing ROI.